Verstasplus is all about our Erasmus+ Youth exchange.

From the 8th of October to the 16th of October, Verstas will be hosting the exchange week for partners from Cahersiveen & Tralee, Ireland. All 40 young participants (aged 18-29) with 10 group leaders and workers from Finland and Ireland will be spending the week together. 

Our theme for the week is Connecting & Social inclusion, and it will be the core of everything we do. All the participants will be keeping a diary to reflect their thoughts and feelings about the day and the activities – how did the group activities make them feel, who did they connect with, did they learn something new, did they feel included, and so on. We will also take reflective group discussions about the subject. Based on the individual reflections and the group discussions, the participants will be taking turns to write a blog post from each day, to tell the world about our results – hopefully positive outcomes of being part of a group and doing things together.

During the first half of the week we will be spending some time in the city of Tampere. We will be getting to know each other, making food together for the whole group, taking different kinds of workshops themed “making art together”, getting to know the area and the history of the city. The second part of the exchange week will start by making a day trip to the Finnish national park Seitseminen, where we will be doing some group activities, hike a small trail around the area, and cook food on the fireplace in a big outdoor cooking hut. After spending the day in the national park, the bus will drive us to Youth Centre Marttinen (, where we will be spending the remaining days of our exchange week.

 One part of the exchange week will also be a professional meeting amongst the leaders and workers from Ireland & Finland, with some other professionals from the Tampere region working with young people. During the afternoon they will be discussing the different ways to work with youth and young adults with different needs and challenges, exchange new ideas and good practices on how to make young people feel included and how inspire them to connect with others.