Greetings from Ireland

At this stage I am very excited about this exchange to Tampere.  It has been a long journey with plenty of stones in our way, but we managed to walk around them.  Ireland has tightened its laws around vulnerable people considerably. Looking at the Irish history of institutionalisation, abuse and exploitation it is understandable. Secondly, […]

Meeting via Skype – A new burst of energy

The projects off to a good start and the participants are very excited for it. We’ve divided the participants into smaller work groups based on their individual interests and each group is working on a smaller section in the greater project as a whole. We’ve contacted various different outdoor activity parks, museums and a place […]

Irish goes Verstas

From the 8th of October to the 16th of October the Irish youth alongside their instructors will be visiting Verstas and familiarizing with its activities in the Erasmus+ project. The theme of the project and visit is connecting and social inclusion. During the visit the guests will be taking part in the daily routines of […]