Trip of a Lifetime!

Mark Coffey: We drove drove from Tralee to Tipperary we stop for food within the Dublin Airport to chicken or bags we think got the plane and flew to Finland when we got our bags and got on the bus to our hostel in Temple we got into our rooms at 3:30 a.m. in the morning and we went to sleep to the next morning within went downstairs to have breakfast after eating we went outside to wait for the third class instructors come with us while waiting. Waiting and some of them win first cigarette on day two on Day 2 we waited for Nora to come and show us where theatres was and we went small walk a little bit of ourselves to the group Within went on a walk around 10 p.m. to see the city within went back to the centre and we had lunch and played some games like table tennis and pool and some board games we all took part in the clean up after everyone had finished lunch after lunch we all had to clean up the kitchen with the other group from Cahirsiveen and the Finland group. 


D3 we walked to vs today and started at 9:30. We did Art and drawing class and the task was about connection so I thought as out a family tree so I drew a picture about the two groups connecting like a big family tree. We then had lunch which was not my fancy so I waited till we had some free time around the city and bought some groceries full stop later that night Maria and Dominic brought us to a pizza place so we could get some food. So I got a pizza with chicken and pepperoni which cost €11 but was delicious and well worth the price.

 Day 4

We went to burst at today and we started at 9:30. We were split up into groups. The group that I was in where a group to solve a murder scene. It was like a puzzle that we had to solve. We then worked as part of a team and solve the crime. You later after first task we had lunch which was mash and meet with great. We all cleaned up then because you were going to see the museum in the city. I enjoyed Museum because it was very good and interesting. In the museum there is a shop so I then bought some gifts.

D5. Today we walked to recess and started at the same time as usual. We did some drama and music for our first game which I enjoyed very much as the instructor will tell you. We then broke up for a break after break we cleared up the place before going to clothing shop witha young Finnish girl called Sara. In the shop I bought two hats and a jacket which cost €25. So we all then went back to the centre to play a game. The game was about putting an egg into a container which had to be dropped from the balcony outside. The task was to see which I could survive stop unfortunately our group egg passed away and broke in confined spaces. We created from recycled material.

Day6. We woke up this morning and we packed our bags. After that we went downstairs to put our dirty bed covers into the laundry room. I then had to make some breakfast which was some toast and Philadelphia on top. Soon after that the bus came and collected from the hospital and we started our journey to the new hospital place on the other side of £10. We then made our way and went for a walk by the lake which is a beautiful scenery. We stopped at the hot and cook some food which is very nice. After that we went to our hospital and got a rooms full stop within to the two of the hospital so we knew where the main building was. After we all went to bed.

D7 today we woke up and went for some breakfast which was at 8 which was nice. Then soon after that we started to do some activities which started with a walk around the forest where was high ropes fullstop we all went to have a coffee break so I had tea. After the tea we had some free time so me and some of the others play basketball and soccer. The group that I was in also tried rock climbing room but it was really hard. All the groups then went to do abseiling and the bridge swing. I had attempted the bridge swing but couldn’t go ahead with it so I got back over the bridge. We then help headed back to the hospital to have lunch which was nice after that I went to my room to chill out.


Days today I woke up at 8 and went for a shower. After that I went for breakfast which was cornflakes to the cast of apple juice soon after breakfast we went to the White building to write a reflection about the week we were here. So we then went for break so I seen a cheese sandwich. Then we went back to the White building for the European circuits watched and it out by Nora. Within broke for lunch after that I did yoga class with Shannah which was amusing. we then had a sauna party with the whole group and had a fire with marshmallows overall was the best experience of my life. That night we all checked out of our rooms and got on the bus to head back to 10 pair to drop the first Group off to their Centre. We then headed to Helsinki Airport where we checked our bags and got our boarding passes to get on the plane. The plane flight went really well and was enjoyable for my second time being on a plane. When we landed back in Dublin Airport we went outside the bus which was very tiring because we had all had a long travel home but had an amazing time! 


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