Day 7: Looking back, getting Youth Passes and looking forward

On the last morning we got the chance to sleep a bit longer, because the planned activities started at 11am. The day was all about reflecting the week, talking about how we felt about it and what we have learned. In the afternoon, we received our youth passes. After the Youth Pass -ceremony we got together one last time to a group activity – which was a yoga-class, by the Irish participant Shannah! After working hard with reflections all day, yoga was a very relaxing way to end our journey together. The last evening we spent together at the Marttinen’s sauna-building. We went to sauna, sang some karaoke, listened to music (DJ:d by Irish participant Nigel) and danced. We also had a bonfire near the beach, where we grilled sausages, marshmallows and cooked some bun-in-a-stick’s (in Finnish term: tikkupulla). 


Participants comments

“It was nice to look back at the week, and really think about the things we did. It was amazing! It was nice to hear that people did enjoy their week. After the summary, I felt like taking a moment to talk to someone I to I – that was nice.  I also liked the yoga. I was relaxing after long and stressful week. There should have been yoga earlier! :D”

“It was interesting to hear what everyone had liked about the week. I realized that I had enough energy to participate through the whole week, in one piece. The group felt united, when we were getting our youth passes and everyone was cheering and clapping :)”

“The youth passes ceremony was great, lovely and touching talks. During the ceremony I felt very touched by all the different speeches. I learned how much we grew as a group together during the week. About the yoga: It was lovely to teach the Finnish and the Irish participants!”

“I connected and conversed with my group about the entire trip. We all shared our opinions & thoughts about the week and made a presentation about it. I felt very nice to chat about how it was for everyone. Overall I learned things about myself that I never learned or thought of before! I felt very honored and appreciated to receive the Youth Pass.”

“The group reflection about the week was important. I’m proud of myself for doing the presentation in front of everyone – lesson learned: I don’t die if I have to speak in front of people! When we got our Youth Passes and cheered for each other, it made me happy.”

“It was fun as it was our last night – I am going to miss everyone and I hope to see them all again!”














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