Day 4: Teamwork – expressing and creating

Saturday morning started with grey sky and rain. But the warm atmosphere and morning activities in Verstas was more than enough to make us forget about the rain. Verstas participant Milla had a baking workshop for a small group. And for the larger group, Tuuli and Leena had a drama/theatre workshop.  Music and laughter filled the whole space, with a the fresh smell of buns being baked in the kitchen. Because of the bad weather, the leaders suggested that we could stay in for the afternoon, and have some activities at Verstas. Because we knew we were going to be spending the whole sunday in the outdoors, we agreed that the afternoon is good to stay indoors and stay warm.

“I felt being a part of the group in every one of the activities, during the whole day. I like the fact, that every day this group is getting more closer and tighter. I also like it that that some of us Finns are getting to know each other more better. It’s always fun and really heart-warming to connect with people. To get to know someone in a deeper level and specially if you can make them laugh.”


Expressing yourself by drama 

Theatre/drama workshop started with a warm-up, expressing yourself with music and dancing – a great fun! After the warm-up, the group was divided in to smaller groups and got assignments to do a short drama performances on different topics.

  • “The drama felt good. I felt being a part of the group because the groups were mixed. I felt connected with everybody today.”
  • “I got valuable advises today. I have connected to many. They are very friendly and have good insights. I learned I need to be more nice to myself and respect my art. I definitely felt like being a part of the group today, this group lets no soul to be excluded!”
  • “Drama was a lot of fun, helped people to open up! I learned how to let yourself go and be free.”
  • “I love drama so much! Because I can use body language. We had fun.”
  • “It was fun and uplifting. Working as a team was fluent and let to good ideas and results. I liked sharing my ideas with the group.”
  • “Dancing was so much fun, i felt so free and everyone was dancing! Everyone got to dance their own way and nobody was making fun of my silly dancing 😀 …it felt really great and connecting!”
  • “Made me get to know some of the Irish people better.”



While most of the people were doing drama, a smaller group got to bake some traditional Finnish bread and cinnamon rolls. Verstas participant Milla had made the dough earlier, and was responsible on teaching the Irish participants how we bake in Finland. There was also one of Verstas participant’s mother to help with the baking, she has her own bakery and showed them how to bake some Finnish bread.

  • “I found the baking really interesting. I learned how to make cinnamon rolls and bread.”
  • “I felt happy, and part of the Finnish culture. I felt connected and part of the group. I learned how to bake Finnish cinnamon rolls!”
  • “I enjoyed doing the baking, it was fun! I like baking, but i don’t always get a change to do that!”
  • “The baking felt good and it went really great. Milla did a good job. I connected to the group while baking, and it felt good. Connecting with people today was good and also a bit weird.”
  • “I was in charge of the baking today. It was stressful, but I somehow managed it. I learned today, that I don’t have to be perfect while teaching a group.”



The planned visit to the Pyynikki park was cancelled. One of the Irish leaders, Kasia, had us do the EGG CHALLENGE! But at first the group had to be divided in to 5 teams. Verstas leader Noora gave everyone a small note saying which team we were in. The challenge was – you can not use any words to find your group. Finding out the groups were hilarious, with all the space sheep, dancing walruses and laughing wolfs trying to find each other.

The egg challenge rules were: 1. Try to design and build a capsule for the raw egg (which we also got to name and draw a face in to it) so that the egg wont break when dropped from the 2.nd floor to the ground. 2. The materials have to be recyclable. 3. The capsule has to be decorated to also look nice. The teams now had 1 hour to design, find materials and to build the capsule for the egg. Then the leaders collected them away. Everybody gathered outside, on the backside of the building, and 2 of the leaders were upstairs balcony. Then one by one, the capsules were dropped on to the ground. Everybody had a laugh and cheered for their egg to survive. Some survived, while others eggs experienced a terrific ending. At the end – everyone were announced to be winners, because of the amazing group work and effort they made while doing the egg challenge.

  • “Honestly, this game was weird in a funny way. I wasn’t really aware what to do, but I got a good laugh out of it regardless. I connected with the group I was put in, and felt very happy to have some laughter and jokes with each other.”
  • “The egg challenge was so much fun. I feel we really mixed well as a group. I really felt connected to the group today. I was a team effort to try not break the egg and my team – we never broke the egg! The challenge really had us connected because working with each other on one goal.”
  • “At first I thought it would be boring and awkward, but it was actually super fun and I got excited! I felt being a part of the group, it was nice to work together as a team, and be creative. I connected with people today, and I felt happy! Yay!”
  • “I was annoyed that there was not enough time to finnish the work, and the rules were not clear to me. Being with the group feels natural and easy.”
  • “I felt sad, my egg didn’t make it.”














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